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Burn Ban and Outdoor Burning

Burn Ban

For the most current and up to date information regarding burn ban status, please refer to the Montgomery County Fire Marshall’s office by clicking on the following link:

The Montgomery County Fire Marshall's Office can also be contacted by phone at (936) 538-8288

Outdoor Burning in Texas
Rules & Regulations - Montgomery County

How to Report Someone Illegally Burning Outdoors

  • Complete Montgomery County Fire Marshall Complaint Form and Submit to their Department: Fire Marshal Complaint Form
  • Call the TCEQ Region 12 Office at 713-767-3714 or your local air  pollution control office.
  • Call the TCEQ Environmental Complaint Hotline 1-888-777-3186. 
  • Submit an email at 
  • Submit a complaint via the online form on the agency website:

Montgomery County

Montgomery County has an exception to the Outdoor Burning Rule that differs from all other counties.

  • If you live in an incorporated area, inside a city/town, also check local ordinances before burning.

Household Refuse

  • Burning of household refuse (garbage, rubbish, paper, and other decayable and non-decayable waste, including vegetable matter and animal and fish carcasses) is prohibited:  -  On a lot that is in a neighborhood (a platted subdivision;  or property contiguous to and within 300 feet of a  platted subdivision). - On a lot that is smaller than 5 acres.
  • An offense is a Class C misdemeanor.
  • Businesses may not burn household refuse.

Plant Growth

  • On-site burning of trees, brush, grass, leaves branch trimmings and other plant growth by the property owner or authorized agent is allowed if there is no practical alternative.
  • The ozone non-attainment counties in TCEQ region 12 will generally require a practical alternative.
  • Only TCEQ may determine if a practical alternative exists.
  • f there is no practical alternative, then the material must be generated from the property on which the burning occurs, generated as a result of right-of-way maintenance or land  clearing operations or maintenance along water canals.

Crop Residue Burning 

  • Burning of crop residue for agricultural management purposes  is allowed when no practical alternative exists.
  • Burning is subject to general requirements for allowable  outdoor burning.
  • Structures containing sensitive receptors, humans and livestock must not be negatively impacted by the burn.
  • Notification to TCEQ is recommended, but not required.


  • If you qualify for an exception and meet the general requirements for allowable outdoor burning, you are still subject to nuisance conditions under the Texas Administrative Code and the Texas Health and Safety Code.
  • Punishments are created under the Texas Water Code.
  • The Texas Health and Safety Code provides TCEQ with the authority to authorize outdoor burning of waste. Fire marshals  and chiefs do not have this authority.

As of September 1, 2005 State Law prohibits the burning of household refuse or rubbish in Montgomery County on less than 5 Acres of land or within 300 feet of neighborhood or subdivision.

Violation of this State Law is a Class C Misdemeanor punishable by mandatory Community Service and a fine of up to $500.

For more information please contact the Montgomery County Fire Marshal's Office at:

(936) 538-8288 or email

Comensando el dis primero de Septiembre 2005, Ninguna personapuede quemar la basura o desperdicios de casa en el condado de Montgomery, en menos de 5 acres de tierra o a 300 pies de la vecindad o de la subdivision.

La violacion de esta ley del estado es una falta de la clase C, castigable por servicio de comunidad obligatorio y una multa de hasta $500.

Para mas informacion, favor de comunicarse con la oficina del Mariscal de Fuego del condado de Montgomery (936) 538-8288.

Montgomery County Fire Marshal


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