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Knox Boxes

What is a Knox Box?

A Knox Box is a secure key safe that mounts on the wall of a building. The only keys available to open the box are in the possession of the Fire Department. When there is a fire alarm or a fire, the Fire Department can access the key safe and use the building keys to enter the building rather than breaking into the building. This is particularly beneficial for incidents involving water flows or automatic alarms where there may not be an actual fire or the fire may be already extinguished.

More than 9,000 departments nationwide, including the Porter Fire Department, use Knox-Box® key boxes, vaults, Haz-Mat cabinets, key switches, locking FDC caps, and padlocks.

Property owners in the community can store entrance keys, access cards and floor plans in high-security Knox-Box® key boxes mounted near their building entrances.

Each Knox-Box purchased by the property owner is keyed to a single master key controlled by your local fire department.  The Knox-Box Rapid Entry System reduces response time, property damage and the liability for lost keys.

Where is a Knox Box required? 

A Knox Box shall be provided on each commercial building. Building representatives can discuss the placement of the Knox Box with a representative of the Montgomery County Fire Marshal's office. Knox Box products may be ordered from the Knox Box Website

Where are Knox Boxes suggested? 

Residential Knox Boxes are also available for single-family dwellings. Residential Knox Boxes may also be purchased on the Knox Box website

How do I order a Knox Box?

  • Visit
  • Select a product series category from the menu on the left.
  • Enter “Porter” in the Department Name search field and select “Porter Fire Dept/Montgomery Co ESD #6” from the returned list.
  • Select product for purchase, enter installation address, and proceed with checkout.

How do I open my Knox Box?

Your Knox Box can only be opened by your local Fire Department. If you need to schedule to have a Knox Box opened, please call Porter Fire Department Administration at 281-354-6666. 

What is stored inside a Knox Box?

  • Entrance Keys
  • Gate Keys
  • Access Card Keys
  • 911 Emergency Keys for Access to Fire Equipment
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