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Mutual Aid Scrap Metal Fire 06-22-24

Porter Fire Department along with over a dozen Fire Departments provided mutual aid assistance to Eastex Fire Department during a large fire at Prestige Scrap Metal on East Mount Houston on 06-22-24. Porter Fire assisted with water supply and after 12 hours had pumped over a million gallons of water.

Traffic on a highway with dark smoke in the distance.
A large plume of smoke rises from a fire, as firefighters with a hose on an aerial ladder aim water at the blaze, vehicles in the foreground.
Firefighters battle a large industrial blaze with thick smoke under a blue sky.
A large plume of smoke rises from a fire at a scrapyard, with emergency vehicles and an excavator visible.
A fire truck sprays water on a large fire, with thick smoke rising into the sky.
A fire at Prestige Scrap & Metal, with smoke, fire hoses on the ground, and emergency response underway.
Large plume of dark smoke rising from a fire at Prestige Scrap & Metal facility, with emergency vehicles on scene.
A fire truck at the scene of a large industrial fire with thick smoke.
Large plume of dark smoke visible over highway, possibly from a distant fire, under a partly cloudy sky.
A fire truck by a lake, with a hose drawing water, under a blue sky with clouds.
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