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Texas Big Rig Academy March 2024

The Texas Big Rig Academy was held at the Round Rock Public Safety Training Center in March 2024. Here are some photos from that training that included extrication. 

Poster for a full Texas Big Rig Rescue Academy class from March 28-30, 2024, at Round Rock Public Safety Training Center.
A garbage truck lifted, crushing a car underneath it, tools and water bottles scattered around on the ground.
A recycling truck crushed a car; a man observes.
A vehicle collision involving a truck and a semi-trailer, with emergency responders on the scene.
An overturned semi-trailer, emergency responders on site, with industrial and residential buildings in the background.
A truck on blocks with a crushed car underneath, surrounded by emergency responders during a training exercise or accident response.
Firefighters train with equipment near an overturned school bus.
A damaged car under the raised front end of a cement truck with rescue personnel and equipment nearby.
Firefighters stand by a toppled crane near a building.
Overturned aircraft with emergency responders at a training facility.
Firefighters inspect a severely crushed car under a damaged semi-truck, suggesting a major vehicle accident.
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