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West Texas Wildfire April 2020, April 22, 2020

Porter Fire Fire Department along with many other entities has deployed a TIFMAS Crew to assist with the containment of the Wildfires in West Texas. Our crew was deployed on April 21, 2020.

After about a 7 hour drive to West Texas, our crews were up early to assist. They have been added to the east side of the Holcombe Fire on Division Bravo.  Expecting extreme fire weather early on into the afternoon and late into the evening with RH dropping from 90% at 0800 to below 10% by 1600. At this time ST 103 South Central Team (PFD Crew) are sitting on the line monitoring conditions and fire activity holding the line. As of this afternoon, the fire has spread to 23,922 acres with 15% containment from 17,000 acres yesterday afternoon. 

04-23-2020, Thursday

04-24-2020, Friday

All members are still in good spirits, healthy and doing well.  No one has any requests but to keep them and their families in your prayers!

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